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“Stack-O-Lee Blues” By Waring Pennsylvanians.

No matter what ordeal life throws at you, the opportunity to seize a moment to dance and sing will always be available. The Waring Pennsylvanians are a prime example. Founded in 1918, this band created by the Waring brothers became the talk of the time, wildly popular throughout college parties, radio tv shows, movies, and more. This instrumental (that we’re listening to right now) Stack-O-Lee Blues was one of the trendsetters for many pieces of music inspired by the story of Stack-O-Lee. 
The brothers Tom and Fred Waring truly found a light that could shine in the darkest of lows. Like during World War II, the Waring Pennsylvanians would transform the atmosphere at war bond rallies with their performances, really highlighting how significant of an impact music can have, through the good times and bad.

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