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“Hound dog” by elvis presley

Elvis Presley was known as the heart throb of America in his twenty-four years of his career. His songs are stilled played today on many radio stations, and many newer generations know many of his songs. One of his most famous tracks, “Hound Dog”, helped his career blow up as he recorded it at the start of the peak in his career. Elvis heard the original song, then preceded to record it, adding his own rock and roll style to the song, and he came out with a pop hit that is still played everywhere today. Hound Dog helped Elvis become more common with younger generations because people were liking what they were hearing. He was already at the high of his career when he suffered from a heart attack, causing him to end his career. Elvis had a way to make people fall in love with his music when he was still around, and even after he passed away through his voice, lyrics, and looks. 

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