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“I’m Ready” by Muddy Waters

Muddy “Mississippi” Waters was born in 1915 in Mississippi. He grew up in the Delta blues but later moved to Chicago to launch his career. I’m Ready is one of his many hits; It was released in 1954.

I’m Ready was an instant success. The single charted at number four and spent nine weeks on the Billboard R&B charts.

According to Willie Foster, a fellow musician, the song was inspired by a visitation to Waters’ home. He arrived early, while Waters was shaving. Waters looked at him and said “You here? I told you to come tomorrow.” Foster replied, “Yeah, but I’m here today.” Waters said, “I mean you ready!” And Foster said, “Ready as anybody can be!” This simple conversation birthed the hit song fans grew to love.

Muddy Waters, unfortunately, passed away from a heart attack in 1983, but his music lives on in film and television forever.

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