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“tell me that you love me” by paul anka

Paul Anka released “Tell Me That You Love Me” in 1957 and it didn’t take long for it to hit the charts. This song expresses the need for reciprocating love, but in a groovy way. After “Tell Me That You Love Me” had blown up, Anka had not only an up-and-coming pop music career, but he also began starring in multiple movies. “These include cameo appearances singing them songs like “Adam And Eve” in The Private Lives of Adam And Eve in 1960In 1961 Anka also starred in the movie, Look in Any Window, where he played a peeping tom. He also appeared in an episode of the Danny Thomas Show in April of ’61. As well, he starred that year as himself in a documentary called The Seasons of Youth” (McGinnis 2017). By the early sixties, Anka had become well known as a huge new performing star and prolific songwriter. He was also a frequent guest on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, where he continued to expand his fan base.

To go more in-depth in this song, Anka is clearly writing to or about his lover, or someone he wished was his lover. Some of his lyrics include, “Oh, tell me you’re ma baby! A-tell me you’re my lover!” and “A-tell me that’cha love me! A-tell me that’cha care! A-tell me when I want’cha! You’ll be waitin’ there! Because I need ya like I want’cha! I want’cha like I need your love!”  This song mixes loving emotions with a catchy toon, which is what his fans loved and still love. When talking about his songs in an interview, he said “They are all very autobiographical,” which swooned his female fans, especially when considering love songs, such as “Tell Me That You Love Me”. 

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