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“Sincerely” by The Moonglows

The Moonglows were a group in 1950s that have an R&B sound to their music. The members of the band were Harvey Fuqua, Bobby Lester, Pete Graves, Prentiss Barnes, Billy Johnson, Marvin Gaye, and Danny Coggins. All of their records were exciting and full of distinct voices and energy, even on the ballads.

Even though the Moonglows were the original singers of “Sincerely”, there are no recordings of them singing the song. It has been remade over the years by other groups. This version was done by the McGuire Sisters. They also, like the Moonglows, didn’t receive any credit for the song. 35 years after the McGuire Sisters recorded it, the Forester Sisters remade a country version of the song that was nominated for a Grammy. They were the ones who received credit for the song even though they weren’t the first ones to sing it.

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