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“Tutti Frutti” by Pat Boone

“Tutti Frutti” was originally recorded in 1955 by rock ‘n’ roll singer Little Richard. Pat Boone did a cover of the song in 1956, and it rose higher on the US charts than Little Richard’s version.

Although Little Richard is the one that is tied to the success of the song, it was Pat Boone who made it more popular. He was a white male remaking a black record, which was very common in the 1950s in order for the music to appeal to a wider audience.

The original lyrics of the song discussed a woman’s body in explicit ways. In order for the song to be accepted in conservative America, producers agreed that the lyrics needed to be changed.

The song became a turning point for a new era of rock and roll. The song was later covered by many popular artists, including Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Queen, proving it’s popularity throughout the decades.

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