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“So Help Me” by Mildred Bailey

We all know who Billie Holiday is, but how many people know about her rivalry with Mildred Bailey? Mildred Bailey was a jazz singer throughout the 1920s and 40s and even earned the nickname “Mrs. Swing”. The lilt of her voice really does encompass that jazzy-feel we all love so much.

And it’s a song like this one, “So Help Me”, that really shows how impactful Bailey was as a jazz singer, influencing many of the great jazz names we all know. Mrs. Swing worked with Bing Crosby as a teenager and has even been attributed to opening the door for other female jazz singers like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

As a Native American woman, Bailey was even referred to as one the first white singers to ever master the jazz-flair. While her Native American roots were erased from her career, Mildred Bailey was still able to diversify the jazz world.


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