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Nina Simone “Feeling Good”


Nina Simone released her song, “Feeling Good,” in 1965 for her album I Put a Spell on You. It first appeared in a British TV commercial for Volkswagen before reaching the billboard charts. Since then this song has influenced many other artists, such as Michael Buble, Muse, Avicii, and Lauren Hill  to release the song as tribute to the original. While all artists add their own personalities to the song, all remain true to the original version. Mostly all artists begin the song with little or no background music, just as Nina Simone had done. Once the opening lyrics have been introduced the catchy, rhythmic beat is introduced. The lyrics of this song capture poetical elements which make the song somewhat metaphorical. The lyrics include visuals of nature including: birds, trees, and other scenic things. The lyrics are also repetitive, which make the song more meaningful. They make you remember the lyrics, which might be intended for the listener. No matter which artist you are listening to, the songs determined beat make it ideal for those driving on the turnpike, running a marathon, or sitting under a tree admiring a stunning view.

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