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“Jeepers Creepers” By Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer

“Most of you may recognize the name Jeepers Creepers from the 2001 movie. The song would play whenever the creeper was coming, giving off an eerie feeling. However, that’s not where the song originated.

Jeepers Creepers was written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer in 1938. It was made for a movie called Going Places. In the movie, a man named Gabriel is trying to train a wild horse. The horse’s name is Jeepers Creepers and he wouldn’t calm down enough for people to ride him. Gabriel wrote a song for the horse and named it after him. By playing the song on a trumpet or singing it, Gabriel was able to soothe Jeepers Creepers.

The song was never meant to be a scary tune. It was made to be relaxing and soothing.”

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