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“Unforgettable” Nat King Cole


“Unforgettable” was written by Irving Gordon and was published in 1951. The song was titled “Uncomparable” before the publishing company asked Gordon to change the title in order for the song to be published. Nat King Cole recorded “Unforgettable” in 1952 and became the most popular version of the song. In 1991, his daughter, Natalie Cole took his version of the song and remixed it as a duo of her and her father. Which led the song as number 14 on the billboard hot one hundred. This version of the song eventually landed in the Grammy Hall of Fame in the 2000s.

Many famous artist such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Teddi King, Siah and a host of others did versions of this song. In 2006, an artist by the name of Nas sampled “Unforgettable” for his song, “Can’t Forget About You”.

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