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Ella Fitzgerald “I Must Have That Man”

Ella FItzgerald “I Must Have That Man”

Ella Jane Fitzgerald, the “First Lady of Song” was an American Jazz Singer born August 25th, 1917 in Newport, Virginia. Also known as “Lady Ella”, she was noted for her purity of tone, original diction, and “horn-like” improvisational ability. Ella made her first grand debut in 1930 when she co wrote a version of nursery rhyme “A tisket, A Tastet” alongside Chick Web and his orchestra. Following the death of Chick Web, Ella became the lead singer of the band and later renamed it “Ella Fitzgerald and her famous Orchestra”.  She went on to thrive in the music industry with early hits such as “I want to be happy” and “If dreams came true”. Ella’s music and tone often followed the harmony of the blues and she song mostly about the love lost in her life. Towards the later half of her career Fitzgerald came out with the song “I Must Have that Man” which was about a man she loved in her life who didn’t treat her well. The lyrics follow behind a slow melody to depict the mood and tone of her story.

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