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Do I Love You (Beacause You’re Beautiful) by Vic Damone

The song Do I Love You (Because You’re Beautiful), is not only featured in the Cinderella Movie version by Rodgers and Hammerstien but dates back to 1957 before this Broadway show became the movie that is well known today. 

This song is sung by the prince about the girl he meets at the ball, Cinderella. Although her identity at this point in the musical is still a mystery, he begins to question who she is and how she can be this lovely and beautiful without truly knowing her. This creates a new perspective on fairy tales, that not every story can fall in love at first sight. 

It wasn’t until February 12, 2021 that this Cinderella version was streamed on Disney plus. The Broadway show that once starred Julie Andrews, was now starring Brandy an African American alongside a Filipino- american prince. This change in cast struck question towards the film. The idea of a mixed cast was absurd to audiences, but although some had their doubts people were watching and falling in love with the story line. The Song Do I Love You (Because You’re Beautiful) shows more in the movie displaying that love is not about looks or color of skin but what is within that can really make someone lovely but also beautiful. 

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