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“Alice and Wonderland” by, Kahle/Austin Foundation

My relationship with music started when I was a little kid. My dad would play sing-along music. I have a very musical family. My whole family has played an instrument, played in a band, and was in a choir. Being surrounded by a musical family shaped my relationship with music in many ways. I started playing the piano and taking lessons in the second grade.  I switched to the flute. I loved playing the flute.  I played from elementary school to high school. I played in the school band, took private lessons, and played in the public high school marching band for two years. My private school did not have a marching band or a traditional band class. Instead they had a music improv class. I also like to sing. I was also in the choir in school. Now I am not as musical. I still listen to music all the time. But I don’t play my flute anymore. I still enjoyed singing. While I did not study music in college. My love for music is still strong.

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