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“I Found my yellow basket” by: Ella Fitzgerald

This follow-up song to her smash hit A-Tisket, A-Tasket, I Found My Yellow Basket is set to almost the same tune as the original song. It was written by Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald. Having the same upbeat show-tune feel to it, Fitzgerald begins the song in a call-and-response kind of way, asking them if they remember how she lost her yellow basket aforementioned in the previous song.

Chick Webb’s band responds by saying:

Oh, yes we did, we’re sorry that you’ve lost it. We’ll pay the cost of it”

Fitzgerald then responds by telling them there’s no need for that because she found it. She then continues to canary on about how happy she is about finding her yellow basket as reflected in her intonation and in the band as they both seem to sound more lively towards the end of the song.

Photo: MCA Files

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