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“The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” by Brainin & Bernier

1948: A time for 16 cent gasoline, the death of Gandhi, and the birth of one Samuel L. Jackson; but it was also the year for the film The Night Has a Thousand Eyes to hit the silver screen and with it came a theme song of the same name. (which was also based off of a book with the same name.)

The song was written by Jerry Brainin and Buddy Bernier, and it is not to be confused with the one popularized by Bobby Vee in 1963. The song itself sounds sweet, but it can be kind of creepy when you think of the implications. “You can’t hide. I will know if you lie to me, for there are eyes everywhere!” But if you were to finish the song, it turns back into something with a sweet meaning “If you stay truthful to me I will love you forever.” For the night, has a thousand eyes. (transition to song singing that line.) END!

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