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“One Step” by dixie jazz band

The men of Dixie Jazz Band claim themselves to the be the “creators of jazz.” Their first song, One Step, was released on February 26th in 1917 and the world of jazz was never the same. From their record, the era of the “roaring 20’s” came about and the jazz age came about as well. The band itself formed in New Orleans and as their fame took over, they chose to move out to Chicago as most artists did. Dixie Jazz Band consisted of 5 member: Nick LaRocca, Eddie Edwards, Henry Ragas and Larry Shields and Tony Sbarbaro. Each of them played their own instrument and when combined, they made life changing music. They had instruments such as the cornet, clarinet, drums, trombones and pianos all featured in their music to give it that jazz feeling. Although Dixie Jazz Band is considered jazz, they were not the typical kind of jazz band you would typically see.

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