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“If I did’t care” by The ink spots

If I Didn’t Care

“If I Didn’t Care” by the Inkspots, was just another one of the famous quartets hit songs, that revolved mostly around love. The Inkspots are known to be one of the very first African-American bands that paved the way for people such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. The quartet was known for singing jive music, which is best described as an up tempo jazz. You would think that a band this admired would have started out amazing from the start. However, they did not become known until the lead singer, Daniels, got sick and was replaced by Bill Kenny, just in time to enter their best Era, the 40s; which is also when their first big hit “If I Didn’t Care”, was released. Throughout the years, more members dropped, even more were replaced, but no matter the members the name remained the same. The quartet continued to spread their talent, making a permanent “Inkspot” on music indefinitely.

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