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“Oh Happy day” by Don Howard Koplow

“Oh Happy Day” was a tune in which no one had heard before. It became an international hit through not only being a catching tune but an interesting and different sound from what others were used to during the 1950’s. It reached #3 on Cashbox Charts and #3 and #4 in Billboard’s two National Charts. It was also named #1 hit in Australia’s single chart. Time Magazine called it a “Mystery Hit” and said it was “the rarest kind of hit, unplanned and unplugged”. The amount of achievements this hit made was unmatched for years reaching one million records that were made for the hit at the time. Many world famous singers performed it around the world as well. From Mickey Baker to Dolph Dixson, even Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley described it as being on of the earliest representations of rock and roll of this era. It had a similar sound to songs like Blue Moon and Young Love. Listening to Oh Happy Day brought me to times where I felt the same feeling of happiness. Although it is well past my era of living, I enjoyed the overall story of the lyrics. I thought his tone and different style brought a different approach to the story line as well. I overall really enjoyed the piece!

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