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“Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline

“Walkin’ After Midnight”, by Patsy Cline was deemed one of her most famous songs before her tragic death. Her career started August 5th of the year 1967. Typically, Cline sings country type ballad songs, in a slow pace and steady set of instruments. This specific song, just like many of her others, are about love and companionship. The lyrics in this song infer that the singer is lonely and longing for someone by their side. It is a journey on the walk after midnight to find love and hope it finds her back. Cline currently has 4 released albums, but the first album (Patsy Cline), which features “Walkin’ After Midnight” which was the most popular in the album. She loved writing music and was even elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and had the reputation  as one of the major female vocalists of all time.

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