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“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin

Love is the subject of Dean Martin’s That’s Amore released on November 7th, in the early 50s. This song about amore, meaning love in italian, is about how an Italian man sees love. That’s Amore, released by Capitol Records, has been described as a goofy remake of traditional organ playing. The sappy italian love song has been covered multiple times and is also said to be one of the reasons that Italy was able to restore its image of love and romance after harsh prime minister, Benito Mussolini, rained on their romance parade.

This passionate love song compares women to popular italian foods, such as pizza and pasta fazool. Thanks to this song, and Martin’s good looks, he is known to Americans and Italians alike as one of the most cherished artists of all time, even out ranking Frank Sinatra because of the genuine emotion of love in his songs.

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