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“Run, Rabbit, Run” by Noel Gay and Ralph Butler

The song Run, Rabbit, Run was written by Noel Gay and Ralph Butler.  Both of the men were British songwriters. The men wrote this song for a play called The Little Dog Laughed.  The play was written by Noel Gay. The two men wrote other songs together such as “All By Yourself In The Moonlight” and “Lets Sing The Cuddly Song.”  Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen sang the song. They were British as well. Flanagan and Allen were part of Crazy Gang which was a group of British entertainers.  Not only did Flanagan and Allen sing together, but they were also comedians. The work that the men did were usually lite humor. Other songs the two men performed together were “Shine on Harvest Moon”, “I Do Not Want To Walk Without You”, and “If A Grey Haired Lady Says How’s Your Father”.  The men came together because Noel Gay worked with the Crazy Gang as well.

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