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“Don’t Give me no goose for christmas” by the korn kobblers

Emerging onto the music scene just as World War II began in Europe, the Korn Kobblers were exactly the dose of comedy that the America people needed. A six-man band known for their silly lyrics and on-stage antics, the Korn Kobblers quickly became a country-wide sensation after being discovered by famous bandleader Guy Lombardo in 1939.

The members worked together to make comical songs that would get people dancing. One of their most popular songs, “Don’t Give Me No Goose for Christmas,” shown here, displays the group’s unique and nonsensical style. By the end of their career, they were played on over 200 radio stations and had made a much money as large eighteen member swing bands. The Korn Kobblers cemented their legacy by setting the stage for other comedic music groups who followed after them.

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