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Jerry Lee Lewis

Rock and Roll is a music genre that was birthed in the early 1940s; Whether it’s the rebellious nature of the lyrics, catchy chords, or distinct vocals, the charisma of the songs draw us in no matter what decade it is.

Jerry Lee Lewis, nicknamed ‘The Killer’, was a wild piano player who engaged in risky stunts throughout his career, including lighting his piano on fire while he was using it. He embodied what it meant to be Rock, having the opportunity to play with iconic musicians like Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Fast forward to 1986, Lewis’s bold behavior and talent paid off, as he was one of the first of countless skilled artists to be inducted into the brand new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Great Balls of Fire” and many of his other songs make appearances in modern day films, such as Stand By Me, a key example that embodies the statement “Rock and Roll will never die”!

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