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I Love You So Much It Hurts


I Love You So Much it Hurts was written and performed by Floyd Tillman in 1948 and was done as a folk song. In 1949 Vic Damone made this into a slower romantic song. This song was later sung by Ray Charles in 1962.

Vic Damome grew up in a family of music from his mom playing the piano to from his cousin being an actress and a singer.

He was inspired by Frank Sinatra and took singing lessons all throughout his life.

He didn’t have an easy life and had to drop out of school to support his family when his father was hurt.

While working at a theater he met Perry Como, who introduced him to a bandleader

“ Damone entered the talent search on Arthur’s Godfrey’s Talent Scouts and won in April 1947” (Wikipedia pg2).

By the middle of the year he signed a contract with mercury records.

He released songs such as “ I Have But One Heart” and “You Do” and movies such as Rich, Young, and Pretty and “Deep In My Heart”.

Damone was known for a romantic genre in every aspect of his career

He later worked side by side with Warner Bros and created the albums “ You Were Only Fooling” and “Country Love Songs”

He was offered a job acting as the Godfather but turned it down because he didn’t think they were paying him enough.

He died on February  11th 2018, with health complications that he was experiencing for many years.

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