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The Freckle Song by Larry Vincent

You are listening to The Freckle Song by Larry Vincent’s and His Lookout Boys

In the 40’s Larry Vincent formed a band known as Larry Vincent and His Lookout Boys. Vincent traveled around the country performing his music, including Chicago’s Alamo Cafe in 1926. During the decadent period, Vincent moved to Northern Kentucky which was overruled with crime. There he wrote The Freckle Song which was written for Pearl Records. Pearl records was a label he created that consisted almost entirely of Vincent himself under different stage names.

The Freckle Song was a bit risque for the time period. During a radio interview, Vincent told the host that he made music just risque enough to avoid any serious conflict. He claimed that it was a time period in which you could get arrested for simply selling or possessing records with bad language in it so he kept discreet enough to still be acceptable.

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