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Everybody has a Laughing Place


“Everybody Has A Laughing Place” is a song that appears in the Disney film Song of the South.  This song was written by Allie Wrubel and Ray Gilbert and performed by Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers and Paul Weston And His Orchestra.

When people think of The Disney company they often think of a clean image, however, with the film Song of the South Disney, has been under a lot of criticism.

Song of the South was created in 1946 and follows a young boy named Johnny who wants to the runway from home but runs into Uncle Remus; Uncle Remus tells him the exciting story of Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and Brer Rabbitat. The moral of Uncle Remus’s story stopped Johnny from running away from home.

Many people argue that the Song of the South is incredibly racist and stereotypical. Song of The South has been referred to as “One of Hollywood’s most resiliently offensive racist texts.” Even today Disney works to hide Song of the South from the public view. Anyone born after 1980 has most likely never seen the film in full, and probably never will.

Although Song of the South has been hidden by the Disney Company, they still keep the story alive with the famous attraction Splash Mountain. The ride features the same characters from the film and the same storyline. The flume like attractions even features the songs from the film inducing Everybody has a Laughing Place. They still turn a profit by selling the attraction’s merchandise and ride photos.

Many guests don’t realize the controversy behind the beloved attraction Splash Mountain and walk around singing their favorite Disney tune.

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